We know that your business needs support you can count on.  You need a managed service provider that responds to your request: whether by phone, email, or text; in a timely manner.  You need solutions that provide the maximum amount of up time.  We understand that sometimes “cutting edge” technologies lead to your business bleeding.  We strive to provide proven technologies that meet your need for maximum system reliability. 

We have the experience to meet all of your I.T. needs.  We have the maturity to find the best solution to balance functionality with reliability


focus on your business.


We believe service means putting others first.  We understand that your business is not an I.T. business and that your focus is making your business function at the highest level of profitability.  Interruptions to your business costs you money.  You need a managed service provider that will provide after hours and weekend support when required.  Whether a system enhancement, new system implementation, or in the worst case a system failure, we are there anytime to service your 


Fairness means treating our customers justly.  If we cannot resolve a customer issue you owe us nothing.  You will never be billed an hour just to ask a question.  In fact, if we can resolve your issue in less than five minutes, there is no charge at all.  Our billing is based on quarter hour increments.  This means you only pay for the time you actually use.

24 HOUR SUPPORT   (270) 883-3774


OUR CONSULTANTS and Technicians HAVE Over 40 Years Of Combined I.T. Experience 


Simply put; it is doing what you say you will do.  We know how important a trust relationship between our customers and BK Technology Professionals is.  You can trust that we will always put your business first.  While working within your budgetary constraints, we will determine the best solution that combines the desired functionality with the highest level of stability.  We will never try to sell you a technology solely for our profit.