SenTINELOne EDR security

We offer higher protection levels without compromises on performance.  Our Sentinel One Security Tools  provide multiple layers of proactive and reactive protection. The Sentinel One Application was built from the ground up to deliver security and efficiently manage policies for physical, virtual and mobile endpoints.  The Global Protection Network’s powerful cloud infrastructure strengthens protection against the newest threats and boosts performance.

Information Technology is a modern business necessity.  The slogan used to be “Do more with less.”  Today it seems to be “Do everything with nothing.”  Many small to medium sized businesses cannot afford a dedicated I.T. staff that understands the highly technical world of information technology.  That is where we come in.  We can provide you with fully managed I.T. services or help augment your existing I.T. staff by handling the more complex tasks like security, backups, disaster recovery, and more all while keeping costs down and reliability up.

Remote Monitoring & Management

24 hours a day, 7 days a week we offer remote monitoring and management of your systems.  Many times we will know you have a problem and have it resolved before you are even aware of it.  In the event you need support, our remote access software allows us a secure connection to your computers.  Across town or across the world we can login to a computer in a matter of minutes and assist the user in resolving any issues they may have.

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TO Focus on Our customer's I.t. Needs So they can focus on running a successful Business.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Like most businesses, you’re backing up data one or more times a week. But, in reality, no one cares about whether you can backup – they care about whether you can recover. Our hybrid cloud backup & recovery service uniquely provides you the speed of a local recovery with the redundancy and availability of the Cloud. With its native ability to backup and fully recover your most critical systems, we can uniquely empower your business to recover any data, anytime, anywhere.


Whether you need to connect two computers in your office or multiple computers in offices across the country or around the world, we have the experience and expertise to accomplish your networking goals.  Combined with our Bitdefender Business Security products, we can provided you with stable and secure LAN and WAN environments.